Introducing the ShootShow Events:

Stylized Photoshoot Event Series Discover a realm of creativity and artistic vision as we bring to life captivating concepts and themes for our exclusive photoshoot events. Our dedicated team handles every aspect, from casting models to styling wardrobe and managing hair & makeup. We meticulously coordinate locations and venues, and even craft intricate sets to ensure an immersive and inspiring experience.

Leave the details to us, so you can focus on what you do best – capturing mesmerizing shots with your distinct flair. Whether you’re an experienced photographer, a newcomer to the field, or juggling a busy schedule, our events cater to everyone. Expect a friendly and supportive team, ready to assist with poses, spark creative ideas, and help you capture an exciting set.

Our events typically feature one to three models, allowing you ample opportunity to maximize your shots. Embrace the collaborative atmosphere, where photographers and models come together to #createtogether, crafting unique images in various styles.

Photographers, prepare to be inspired by the themes and concepts we bring to life. Your artistic interpretation and style will shine through as you capture the essence of each event, leaving our models eager to see the magic unfold through your lens.

Models, come as you are, and leave the rest to us. Our team will expertly handle your wardrobe, hair, and makeup, ensuring you look and feel your best. Get ready to model in awe-inspiring sets, as multiple photographers capture your essence from different perspectives, resulting in an array of distinct and stunning images.

Join us at the ShootShow Events, where creativity knows no bounds, and every photoshoot becomes an unforgettable artistic journey. We look forward to crafting magical moments together and witnessing the artistry you bring to life.


We are ecstatic to invite you to partake in a distinguished, 2-part ShootShow Event and Gallery Night for our first event of the new year!

Contrast Couture:

February 10th, The Shootshow Events, hosted by Studio Create in collaboration with SAACA Catalyst.

Gallery Night:

March 1st, hosted by Studio Create in collaboration with SAACA Catalyst and The Solana Foundation. This unique opportunity promises to transcend traditional photography boundaries, offering an experience designed to elevate your craft.

The Concept: (Red and White Brilliance)

Immerse yourself in a setting featuring two distinct sets—one adorned in striking red and the other in pristine white. Whether you focus on the intensity of red, the purity of white, or seamlessly blend both, this event is crafted to inspire creative storytelling.

Professional Models, Makeup, and Hair Styling

Elevate your work with the presence of professional models impeccably styled in high-fashion couture. Expert makeup and hair styling will ensure a seamless and sophisticated photographic experience.


Creative Props and Surprises

Enhance your compositions with carefully curated props—red and white elements designed to add depth and intrigue to your photographs.

Fantastic Food and Professional Atmosphere

Indulge in delectable treats and refreshments in a professional and inspiring atmosphere. Network with fellow photographers, share insights and elevate your craft in an environment tailored to foster creativity.


Skilled Lighting Experts

A team of skilled lighting experts will be on hand to assist you in achieving the perfect lighting conditions, allowing you to create images that stand out in their brilliance. This event will feature some of the finest in lighting modifications from Broncolor. All attendees will have access to parabolic Lighting modifiers used in fashion photography all over the world. Modifers will include broncolor para, 88, Bronccolor para 133 and broncolor para, 222.

Your Masterpiece, Your Reward

We are offering a unique opportunity for our ShootShow guest photographers to join us in this creative endeavor. A standout photograph of your choice from the Contrast and Couture ShootShow will be professionally printed and featured in our inaugural gallery night on March 1st, 2024.

Your print will be included in a silent auction, allowing your work to be showcased not only to local event attendees but also to art enthusiasts worldwide. Any proceeds generated from the sale of your print at auction will be returned to you, recognizing and rewarding your exceptional talent.

If your print doesn’t find a buyer, you won’t leave empty-handed. Take home your stunning creation, a testament to your skill and vision.

Save the Dates: February 10th & March 1st

Photographers secure your spot with a buy-in of $400.00, which covers both The ShootShow Event and Gallery Night. For inquiries and reservations, please contact us at

Photographers, MUAS, and Models!

🌴 Event Theme: Jungle Pop

Get ready to jump into a vibrant world in a jungle oasis! Our “Jungle Pop” theme is a fusion of tropical allure and pop art eccentricity. Think lush greenery, playful animal prints, and eye-catching pop art cutouts. From body painting to larger-than-life set build.

📸 What to Expect:
Shootshow Events is all about providing a platform for creatives to explore new concepts and push boundaries.
All-Inclusive Experience:
Forget the hassle of setup and cleanup! We’ve got you covered with everything from hair and makeup services to a delicious lunch spread. Just show up and do what you do best. We will take care of everything else.
Intriguing Set Builds:
Our team has curated an unforgettable set design that’s sure to captivate your lens and spark your imagination. Also, enjoy one of our many lighting set-ups. Join us for a stress-free day filled with shooting, laughter, and making new connections in the creative community.
Models and Photographers: $350.00
📅 Date: June 29th 2024
📍 Location: StudioCreate Tucson, Arizona