Hype About Studio Create’s Photo Studio Rental in Tucson, AZ

Discover the ideal space for your photography projects at our urban photo studio, conveniently located in the heart of Tucson’s Pueblo Heights neighborhood. Our warehouse shooting space offers versatile area designed to meet the needs of photographers and creatives alike.

What Makes the Experience Unique and Unforgettable with our Photo Studio Rental in Tucson

Warehouse Shooting Space

Our spacious warehouse shooting space provides 462 square feet of open area, allowing you the freedom to create and capture your vision without limitations. Whether you’re shooting portraits, product/commercial photography, or creative/fantasy projects, our studio offers ample room to maneuver and experiment with different setups and lighting techniques.

On-Staff Professional Assistance

At Studio Create, we understand that every project is unique and may require specific expertise. That’s why we provide on-staff professional assistance to help you set up equipment, troubleshoot technical issues, and ensure that your shoot runs smoothly from start to finish. Our knowledgeable team is dedicated to supporting your creative vision and ensuring a productive and enjoyable experience at our photo studio rental in Tucson.

Beauty Room with Makeup Vanity

Prepare your models and clients in comfort and style with our dedicated beauty room, complete with a makeup vanity. This private space is designed to cater to the needs of hair stylists and makeup artists, allowing them to work their magic in a well-lit and organized environment.

Bathroom and Waiting Room

For your convenience and the comfort of your clients, our studio is equipped with a bathroom and a comfortable waiting room. Take a moment to relax and refresh between shoots, or provide a welcoming space for your clients to prepare and unwind.

Electric Backdrop System

Achieve seamless transitions between different backgrounds with our electric backdrop system. Easily adjust the backdrop to complement your creative vision without interrupting the flow of your shoot. This versatile feature allows you to explore various settings and moods effortlessly.

Equipment Rentals

Don’t have all the equipment you need? No problem. Our studio offers equipment rentals to supplement your gear and enhance your shooting experience. From cameras and lenses to lighting equipment and props, our rental options are designed to meet the diverse needs of photographers and creatives.

Location and Accessibility

Located in Pueblo Heights, Tucson, AZ, our studio is easily accessible from major highways and within close proximity to downtown Tucson. Ample parking is available, making it convenient for you and your clients to reach our studio.

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